Web3: What is it?

The phrase “Web3” has come to represent the idea of a new, improved internet. Web3: What is it? In essence, Web3 uses blockchains, cryptocurrencies, and NFTs to return ownership and authority to the users. Web1 was read-only Web2 is read-write Web3 will be read-write-own wikipedia – web3

Web3 Terms 101

Web3 Terms 101 Blockchain a publicly-accessible digital ledger used to store and transfer information without the need for a central authority. Blockchains are the core technology on which cryptocurrency protocols like Bitcoin and Ethereum are built. Decentralized a system operated by a distributed, peer-to-peer network instead of a central figure or authority. Minting the process … Read moreWeb3 Terms 101

How to send Opensea NFTs without Opensea

Use Polygonscan to Send your Opensea NFTs! ❤️ Something for the creators 🏆 We’ll be using Polygonscan to Send your Opensea NFTs in this method 💙 Detailed thread explaining this process below How to send Opensea NFTs without Opensea ⬇️ Using Polygonscan we can write directly to Opensea‘s contract to transfer NFTs. First we’ll look … Read moreHow to send Opensea NFTs without Opensea

Add Polygon Network on Metamask

Guide to add Polygon (Matic Network) Network on Metamask (Desktop & Mobile) Connect Your MetaMask With Polygon Network       1) Go to the settings page   2) Click on Networks > Add Network 3) Key in the relevant details: Matic Mainnet ​Network Name: Matic Mainnet New RPC URL: ChainID: 137 Symbol: MATIC … Read moreAdd Polygon Network on Metamask

Unstoppable Domains

Unstoppable Domains The #1 provider of NFT domains on the blockchain Unstoppable Domains is bringing user-controlled identity to the Internet by creating NFT domains that put you back in control of your data. Your Unstoppable domain is your cryptocurrency address, your login to the decentralized web, and your universal username. By selling these domains direct to … Read moreUnstoppable Domains

How do I transfer ETH from Ethereum to Polygon?

Guide to transferring tokens from Polygon to Ethereum Bridge using Matic PoS Bridge Head over to the Matic Bridge and connect your wallet either using Metamask (see Guide) WalletConnect WalletLink On the interface, you’ll see the direction of transfer is initially Ethereum to Polygon. In order to bridge tokens from Polygon to Ethereum, let’s click the Switch … Read moreHow do I transfer ETH from Ethereum to Polygon?