How do I transfer ETH from Ethereum to Polygon?

Guide to transferring tokens from Polygon to Ethereum

Bridge using Matic PoS Bridge

Head over to the Matic Bridge and connect your wallet either using

  • Metamask (see Guide)
  • WalletConnect
  • WalletLink

On the interface, you’ll see the direction of transfer is initially Ethereum to Polygon.

In order to bridge tokens from Polygon to Ethereum, let’s click the Switch button.

Alright, now we have the direction of token transfer correct.

Notice you’ll see the transfer mode as PoS Bridge.

There are two ways to bridge from Polygon to Ethereum mainnet, either through the Plasma Bridge — which takes 7 days to withdraw; or the PoS Bridge — which takes 3 hours to withdraw.

Select the token to bridge, in this case, we have selected USDC. Then enter the amount to withdraw or click MAX to select all in your wallet.

Click Transfer and you’ll be presented with an overview.

Click Continue and you’ll be presented with the confirmation screen.

Click Continue again.

Confirm the transaction in your wallet. The transaction cost for this transfer is almost negligible.

The bridge will show you the transfer progress.

Once the checkpoint has arrived, you’ll see the updated modal.

Complete the withdrawal by signing the final transaction and you should receive your tokens on Ethereum.


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