Neoxa – Play2Earn


Neoxa combines gaming and cryptocurrency, letting you earn rewards from your gameplay.

Say goodbye to free gaming – use your skills for in-game purchases and more.

Neoxa features a Play2Earn model that transforms the gaming landscape, enabling players to earn Neoxa cryptocurrency without any initial investment. This innovative model offers gamers a straightforward way to accumulate Neoxa while immersing themselves in thrilling gameplay.

Presently, Neoxa has seamlessly integrated the Play2Earn model into 5 popular games: Rust, FiveM (GTA V) , CS2, Dota2 and Fortnite. These gaming environments provide players with engaging experiences where they can not only enjoy their favorite titles but also embark on a journey towards financial rewards.

Neoxa is a Proof of Work L1 blockchain that started as a fork of a Raven Coin with asset capabilities and KawPow as its consensus mechanism. Later Neoxa forked into Dash code while retaining the asset layer and KawPow algorithm (ASIC resistant) from Raven Coin. With the fork to Dash, Neoxa also introduced Dash features like MasterNodes, instant send, and private send.

Link: Neoxa Gaming Portal

Ref code: bae205b1

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“Play to earn” refers to a gaming model where players can earn rewards, typically in the form of cryptocurrency or digital assets, for playing or contributing to a game. This concept has gained popularity with the rise of blockchain technology, which enables the creation of in-game economies and the tokenization of digital assets.

In play-to-earn games, players might earn rewards through various activities such as completing quests, winning battles, or contributing to the game’s ecosystem in other ways. These rewards can then be traded or used within the game or exchanged for other cryptocurrencies or fiat currency.