Use Polygonscan to Send your Opensea NFTs!

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🏆 We’ll be using Polygonscan to Send your Opensea NFTs in this method

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How to send Opensea NFTs without Opensea


Using Polygonscan we can write directly to Opensea‘s contract to transfer NFTs.

First we’ll look at finding your NFT on Polygonscan.

This is the URL breakdown: Contract Address)?a=(tokenid)

The information you need to use the URL breakdown above is conveniently in the link on your Opensea NFT.


If you open the link to this NFT. You’ll see that following “assets/matic/” in the link is an address.

This is the Smart Contract Address.

Shortly after the Smart Contract Address there is a “/”

The address after the “/” is your Token ID.

The format Opensea uses is /assets/matic/SmartContractAddress/TokenID

You can alternatively find the Smart Contract Address and Token ID for your NFT in the details section below the metadata on your NFTs while on Opensea.

However, using the link is much faster to copy/paste.

You can just double click the portion on the link you want to copy.

Now to find your NFT on Polygonscan.

Use the URL breakdown. It should look like this:

Polygonscan uses a similar URL format to Opensea.


Once you’ve found your NFT on Polygonscan you can add the following to the end of the URL: “#writeContract”

Or navigate to “Contract” > “Write”

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It will look like this:

Perfect your almost there!

Scroll down to Block 13. This is the safeTransferFrom function.

This is what we need to fill to transfer the NFT!


Block 13 is asking for the following:

I know it might look confusing. Don’t worry!

_from (address) = This is you! Your own address

to (address) = The address receiving the NFT

id (uint256) = tokenid

amount (uint256) = Quantity, usually just 1

data (bytes) = write “0x”


Opensea NFTs

Fill Block 13 and hit write!

It will populate a transaction for your Metamask.

That’s it! You now have full control of your Opensea NFTs for transferring.

Using this method you’ll never have a stuck or errored transaction.

Tutorial by beb.eth


Web3 explorer.