GullLords NFT History

GullLords NFT History


GullLords NFT

I’ve been aware of NFTs since late 2020 and began to search and see what all the fuss was about. I’ve always been an artist at heart and over the years I’ve always drawn, painted and made comics. Like a lot of people who make art for their own enjoyment I’ve never had a place to display them.

The NFT space felt like it was made for me and my ideas! I found out that my cousin, an artist, had also been researching NFTs and was thinking of a project ideas.

We got together and decided on GullLords. The character design is based off of an old web comic I made years ago. We are both from a coastal town in England and Seagulls are ever present here!


GullLords NFT
Gulls comics


We are both punks at heart and loved the idea of drawing over photos and “Gulling” the subjects in them, in the same way you’d draw mustaches on photos in text books at school.

We launched a modest collection in November 2021 and started our social media accounts. We had some good feedback from others and decided to create a pfp chacter based on our Gull character.

We are now releasing a 10k drop of GullLord PFP and intend to continue to build our community and provide real value and reward to all the GullLord hodlers!




  • GetGulled OS


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